About This Artist

Born and raised in Athabasca, Alberta, Carmen has always enjoyed the outdoors and wilderness; a true artist at the core, she prefers to have her own reference material and often captures inspiration "en plein air" (painting in the outdoors). Her favourite painting medium is open acrylics as she finds them forgiving and easier to work with. Colour washes, thick brush strokes, lift-off, or layering techniques are skills she freely utilizes to achieve her unique style

Words from Carmen

My paintings are works of creativity, skill and motivation driven by my inner passions of life and living in the present. I try to prolong sights, sounds, colours and feelings that are evoked by my experiences. I know that experience is uniquely personal, and I love when on-lookers relate-to or connect with a piece I've painted. I encourage you to follow along on my journey as I grow both as an artist and as a free spirit.

Thank-you and embrace the fun in your life!

Carmen Miller